Triathlete Stroke Clinics:

For many triathletes, the swimming portion of the competition can be difficult.  Many competitors find themselves exerting more energy than they would like to during this phase of the event. Utilizing immersion techniques swimhappynh can help!

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Welcome to Swimhappynh

With more than 20 years of aquatic experience, I bring a refreshing approach to both group and private swim lessons.  As a certified instructor I have been able to combine my experience as a parent with my knowledge of skill progression, to come up with a swim program that is effective and fun for all ages.  

My classes include one on one instruction but in a format where all of the participants are practicing skills rather than waiting for their turn.  There is always some wait time, but my program is designed keep it at a minimum.   

I am presently teaching at the Atlantis Sports Club Nashua, located in Nashua, NH.  Just over the border at exit 1. 
Aquatic Specialties
Private and group swimming lessons for all ages and levels
Tri-athlete stroke clinics utilizing immersion techniques
Water fitness and arthritis exercise programs
Swimming program design and training available